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Video camera and netbook acquired and tested

Electricity, meet water...

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Last week, my netbook and our video camera arrived. Let me first say it's good to live in this age of modern technology where you can keep in touch with everybody at (almost) all times. Then let me explain the frightening experience of testing the video camera.

You see, it's an underwater camera (up to 1,5 meters and for 60 minutes, but still), so we felt we needed to test it in the bath tub. And that's where our heritage from the electronic age reared it's head: you do not mix electrical appliances and water, ever! And boy is that indoctrinated into us, because it was surprisingly scary to put the camera under water. So imagine our shock when, once under, the LCD screen went black.
Of course this was just because it had taken us so long to muster the courage to dunk the camera that it went to sleep - which we soon found out - but still, we freaked out for a second.

Anyway, the camera works fine. Once we get over the fear of bathing it, we might actually use it underwater ;).

The netbook is awesome too. I'm installing programs left and right of course and copying important files, so it's not in full use yet, but so far, I love it. Lets see how it holds up under travel stress.

Countdown: 23 days until take off

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